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a man on a small boat in the middle of a river with houses behind him
Chian Tsun Hsiung, China
two beams of light shine in the night sky over a cityscape with skyscrapers
Tribute In Light, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, New York
a clock on the side of a bridge in front of a large building at night
Brian Jannsen Art
Conciergerie, Paris...
black and white photograph of street lamps in front of cathedrals on a foggy day
Vintage, Antique Lamps in Vienna (André Icatus) #Landscape #Cityscape
there is a quote on the side of a mountain with a river running through it
Security Check Required
#The Roots Traveling Lifestyle For #Travelers Addicts
people are walking around in front of a building that has a cat made out of flowers
Marveling at art at the Guggenheim Bilbao in the Spanish Basque Country
#Guggenheim #Bilbao, #BasqueCountry, #Spain
two small boats are parked in front of some buildings on the side of a street
Streets of Manarola by Barbara Brown | Redbubble
Streets of Manarola, Cinque Terre, Liguria
the moon shines brightly in the night sky over a rocky beach with boats on it
The Moon And The Amalfi Coast - Praiano Beach, Sorrento, Italy
a woman in an orange dress is walking down the street with buildings on both sides
The Magic of Istanbul - 25 stunning pictures of a sleepless city
several umbrellas are lined up on the side of a road near some buildings and water
Umbrellas of Riomagiorre by Samdobrow Photography
Riomagiorre, Italy