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the city is lit up at night and reflecting in the water
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Les Feux Sur Glace Festival
there is a large golden statue in front of the steps leading up to the cave
Batu Caves, where the world famous Thaipusam Festival is happening this Tuesday, 7th Feb 2012. Over a million people will be here to witness this stunning festival.
an aerial view of a theatre with people in the seats and on stage lighting up
funny sonnets
Ashland, Oregon - home of Southern Oregon University and the world-famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival
two men standing next to a decorated camel
Beauty will save the world
Camel beauty Festival
a boat on fire in the middle of an open area with lots of sticks sticking out of it
Up Helly Aa is Shetland's famous fire festival, celebrating the Islands Norse Heritage, on the last Tuesday of January. A Viking longboat is built and set alight in the centre of Lerwick before a night of festivities begin!
a group of people standing under an umbrella in the rain
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Located in Kuwana City is Nabano No Sato, a flower-themed park featuring sprawling gardens and giant greenhouses. Running annually from mid November to mid March is one of Japan’s finest Winter Illuminations, including the famous tunnel of light.
two women laughing while sitting on a bench in front of a group of people with umbrellas
Songkran Festival at famous Thanon Kao Sarn, Bangkok
people on the beach flying large kites in the shape of an oork
Bali beach holidays, volcanic sands, aquamarine lagoons and sleepy coves
Kite Festival - Atlantic Beach, NC
a man holding a baseball bat while standing on top of a car in front of a building
... woodchopper is a competitor at elko s famous national basque festival
many lanterns are lit up in the night sky
Famous Lantern Festival in Taiwan
red and yellow flowers near the water with mountains in the background
Montreux, Switzerland - where the famous jazz festival is held annually
a group of people that are standing in the street with some flags and hats on
My Voyage Scotland - Your Complete Guide To Scotland
A famous festival city, with one of the well-known festivals in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Festival, which is held in August and September of this year.
two people standing in front of a large fire
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"Festive flames; Firemen spray water on a traditional "ninot" sculpture as it is burned on the last day of the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, on March 19. The Fallas structures, made of cardboard, wood or cork and many of which portray famous personalities, are exhibited in the streets of Valencia during the festival and set on fire on the final day of the 10-day celebration." ~MSNBC
two colorful kites flying in the sky
Kite Festival, Kite Festival in Jaipur, Kite Festival Rajasthan, Kite Festival in India
Embraced in a unique concept, the Kite Festival is one of the famous festivals of the pink city Jaipur. It is held on 14th January on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. This day is officially for kite flying. This delightful festival holds interest of not only the young generation but also the people belonging to different age groups. Be it a school going boy or an old man, everyone enjoys it.