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DIY Cat Bookmark Tutorial from One Artsy Mama. Since you are using soft wire this should be quite easy to bend and hammer depending on the look you want. Also, you can make a smaller version for a necklace. For one of the best DIY Wire archives go.

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This site has every pattern for every animal sealift boy stuff vehicles cartoon characters disney dollls bookmarks mobiles hearts and whatever else you can imagine.

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Craft ideas for kids: mouse bookmarks Get your children into reading with a fun homemade bookmark Aug 2009 PM

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You're invited! Join us Saturday, July 25 from - for an ALL store event to two bookworm bookmarks! 1 to give away. /savethechildren/ will include your bookmarks in FREE school supplies to kids in need.

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It doesn't have instructions for these on it. These owl bookmarks shouldn't be difficult to make

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DIY spring dress bookmark (with tutorial).with things instead of a dress to fit the person