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The lampholder is a real film camera, we recycle the old camera then transorm it to a table lamp. Size: Power line length: Lamp power: Lamp replacement: only allow use tung

Concrete Desk Lamp With Edison Bulb by MinimalDesignCo on Etsy

Take pleasure in the attractiveness of seeing it grow within the lamp. It is not just a table lamp but additionally a pen case. These lights are extremely popular but they’re quite expensive. Now you’ve got an original beside lamp.


Vintage Upcycled Industrial Can Gas Pump Nozzle Steampunk Repurposed Lamp…

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Steampunk light held by an old wooden hand. This could be made using wooden hand models that are sold in arts & crafts stores

Fun and stylish lamp

Wonderful Modern Desk Lamps with Gorgeous Design - Futurist Architecture

" La Chignole " - Lampe d'ambiance factory : Luminaires par caladefactotum

" La Chignole " - Lampe d'ambiance factory : Luminaires par caladefactotum

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