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there is a boat that is in the water near a dock and some boats at sunset
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Cassis au petit matin - Cassis, Provence-Alpes-Cote-dAzur
a person's arm with two bracelets on it and water in the background
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the water is crystal blue and there are some rocks in the middle of the pool
corse piana, what else!! Calanque piana
several boats are docked in the water near an old stone bridge over looking the ocean
Most Popular Tourist Attraction in France
"Le Vallon des Auffes" district, Marseille. Photo by Marco DVZ
the sun is setting over an ocean with rocky cliffs
Sunset tout près de la calanque de Saména | Sunset tout près de la calanque de Saména
the sun is setting over the ocean and rocky cliffs on the edge of the cliff | Sunset Panorama from Cap Champagne
an aerial view of the blue waters and rocky cliffs near a beach with white sand
En Vau
Calanques -Marseille-Cassis-
there are many boats in the water near some rocks and trees on the side of the hill
Ten Jewels of the Mediterranean
"Ten Jewels of the Mediterranean." ~ Cassis! ... Cassis is the place that will not disappoint the most fastidious Francophile. Situated near Marseille in southern France, the charming town of Cassis is famed for its spectacular cliffs, numerous inlets with hidden beaches and wine. Today, renowned white wine from Cassis is a symbol of the region and iconic tipple of France.