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a person standing next to a skateboard on the ground with their feet up in the air
#rubanrougebijoux #skateboard #sticker #chill
a man flying through the air while riding a skateboard at a skateboarding park
#marseille #bowl #riding #backside #air #melon #aerial #rubanrougebijoux #skateboard
a skateboarder is riding on the edge of a pool
#rubanrougebijoux #skateboard #marseille
a woman sitting on top of a motorcycle with a skateboard strapped to it's back
OK MAG: The Sound Of Violence - Parte Um
First off the bike and surfboard make her waaaaayhotter but that would be so rad to rock around on your bike and go surf/camp wherever u want!!!!! FREEDOM
skater girl bracelets #skateboarding longboarding girl #jewelry Skater Girls, Boho, Fotos, Fotografie, Photo, Fotografia, Babe, Surfer Girl, Skater
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skater girl bracelets #skateboarding longboarding girl #jewelry
a close up view of the front brake of a bicycle with stickers on it
Gone skateboarding. Marseille
a person sitting on the ground with a skateboard in front of a van that is parked
don´t tell me our youth is running out, it´s only just begun☯☯☯
a man riding a skateboard up the side of a ramp at a skate park
[S]osh Freestyle Cup - World Cup Skateboarding by Karim SAARI on 500px
an aerial view of a skate park with ramps
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Bowl (Marseille)
the skateboard park has been painted with many different colors and designs, including an ocean theme
Marseille Skate Park | 11 of the Strangest Skateparks You'll Ever See - Page 6 of 12 - Mpora
Marseille - Skatepark - plage de Bonneveine.
California culture - Venice, CA | VICTOR THE DJ & PHOTOGRAPHER | VSCO Instagram, Tumblr, Foto Inspiration, Summer Goals, Summer Vibes, Summer Feeling, Beach Vibe, Summer Vibe, Skate Girl
California culture - Venice, CA | VICTOR THE DJ & PHOTOGRAPHER | VSCO
a man standing in front of a blue building with a skateboard painted on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Dog Town Skates, Venice Beach, CA, signed by HUIT. ♔QueenBee♔
a skateboarder is doing tricks in the air at a skate park near the ocean
Combining three of my favorite things...skate, surf and sunsets! Visit my website at