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a building that has some lights on it's side and is lit up at night
Three Level House In Madrid / A-cero
Three Level House In Madrid / A-cero Truly original house facade -- stiking!
a building that is made out of concrete and has intricate designs on the outside wall
the top of an old building with a clock on it's face and dome
Top de la Major
Cathedral de la Major, Marseille by Ophelia photos, via Flickr
a long row of concrete pillars on the side of a building with red carpeting
Vodafone / be baumschlager eberle
Concrete Truss Structure | Vodafone / Baumschlager Eberle #architecture #structure #engineering
the skateboard park has many ramps and benches
skate park
a skateboarder is doing a trick in front of a building with an unusual design
anybody know what building this is and where it's at? i just had to pin this for it's rad shapes :) #architecture #structure
an abstract sculpture made up of wooden beams
Seven of a kind
Did not want to pin this work at first. But keep on coming back to the picture. There's something in it that makes you think. Good art work. Or better say, a good photograph! ;-))
three black and white photographs of an object that looks like a plane or boat with its wings folded over it
House - Daniel Libeskind. Looks like its made from folding paper, the sense of looping might be good for a temple scenario..
Mathtastic Web Fashion - Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2009 Couture is Geometric Genius from Draw, Boho, Styl, Stylish, Model, Women, Geometric, Style
Mathtastic Web Fashion
Mathtastic Web Fashion - Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2009 Couture is Geometric Genius from
black and white photograph of two people walking in front of a building with large columns
Inside Herzog & de Meuron Bird's Nest
Herzog de Meuron "Bird’s Nest" / National Stadium (The Main Stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games) / Beijing, China /Competition 2002, realization 2004-2008
the inside of a building with lots of windows and metal bars on it's sides
Lloyd's Building. London, England. 1978-86. Richard Rogers Architects,
a concrete building on the beach with stairs leading up to it's top floor
Le Corbusier
unité d'habitation de Marseille / toit terrasse / Le Corbusier
a building made out of concrete blocks with benches in the foreground and trees in the background
This is a chandigarh Le Corbusier brutalist architecture building. I like this brutalist architecture building because it is very simple, its easy to look at but my eyes do tend to wonder.