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a bear figurine sitting on top of an ice block
SMOKY QUARTZ WILD BOAR ON POLISHED ROCK CRYSTAL . ... Lapidary Art | Lot #41146 | Heritage Auctions
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Art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean, and this meaning is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers . Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. #Art #sense #communication #artist #materials #techniques #forms #ideas #feelings #expressing #feelings #thoughts #observations
Most Satisfying Fruit Carving Skills
Cloisonne phone case-pixiu
Traditional cloisonne art is handmade by artisans. You can customize the mode according to your needs. You can also purchase material packages to make your own. Please visit my store for more products.