Selfie a la plage

Gianna is She loves swimming, surfing, and S. Her Parents died in a car accident. Please adopt ADOPTED

Emma's life (what the Maya say) - a city books - a book by Hsmin and Tzu

This is emma she likes music, boyzzz her friends, she would lobe to br adopted, comment to adopt


Name: Joan Age: 16 About Joan: Joan likes to go on bike rides with her friends and hanging out at the smoothie serving shop. Just put ADOPT in the comments for adoption!

This is maralyin she's 16. She love to dress up and shop. Please adopt.

Adopted by: Toralei Stripes. Name: Cameron Age: 17 Cameron likes Hawaii, tropical drinks, and tanning. She also likes taking selfies.


TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ - this is Rae aged she loves to sing and dance. she hates reading and boats. she is loving, shy and has a big heart. please adopt. Super Effective Program Teaches Children Of All Ages To Read.


She has a younger sister, Sophia, and a dog named Bary. She goes to art and guitar.And go to a design high school. ADOPTED by Gihanna Kelly


This is Danylle she is 16 years old. She loves hanging with her BFF Aubry. Also she loves shopping and going outside. She also loves swimming Her motto is You live and u learn but I forget what I learn so I got the whole live thing going.

So cute

Her name is Shelly but she goes by shell. 19 yrs old. She loves her friends and drinking Starbucks. Her parents abandoned her when she was Plzzzz adopt.

Les goûts et les couleurs cela ne se discute pas, mais une chose est sûr les Princesses Disney d’entant se sont plus celles d’aujourd’hui

Adopted by Sarah Vanderwall: This is Julie who is 16 she loves to take selfies and have fun with her friends! She is a lovable teenager!


She is 14 years old. She loves Starbucks, and she loves to hang out with her friends. She also likes to hang out with her best friend, Shannon. She is super sweet, and fun. Please adopt Madelyn!

Name: Kenzie Age: 17 Loves to ride on her scooter. Does well in  school. Please adopt Adopted by Sarah Criddle

Name: Kenzie Age: 17 Loves to ride on her scooter. Please adopt Adopted by Sarah Criddle