Elusive Architecture in Watercolors of Korean Artist Sunga Park

Elusive Architecture in Watercolors of Korean Artist Sunga Park watercolor paintings watercolor prints watercolor flowers tutorial watercolor flowers diy watercolor drawing

Harmony in Discord by Falina Lintner

Saatchi Online Artist: Falina Lintner, US; Oil, Painting "Harmony in Discord"

Mixed media

Using a variety of different tools including a bic pen, watercolors and Chinese ink, artist Florian Nicolle creates amazing, mixed media portraits. After a rigorous amount of drawing and painting, she then adds texture and detail using Photoshop.

Transcendental Abstractionism by Holger Lippmann, artist

This represents the abstract unknown of life that can be looked at from distorted angles. In this the image is almost clear and it can only be cleared up by nature, this a parallel to life.

Russ Mills is a british graphic artist/illustrator whose work is a mix between tra­di­tional media & dig­i­tal imag­ing. He paints with bold strokes, uses scanned tex­tures and scrib­bles and manip­u­lates them with the com­puter.

15 Cool Images of Graphic Dark Arts. Russ Mills Painting Graphic Art HD Wallpaper Trippy Art Graphic Design Backgrounds for Desktop Batman Dark Knight Movie Poster Graphic Art Photography

Artist: Hopare.Street Art

I like how conceptual and abstract looking this piece is. I am not sure what the intended message is but it is likable.

Art & Installation <3 Prism 8

Prism par Inés Esnal

Playful Rope Installation Adds Multifaceted Color to Gray Concrete Space - My Modern Met

En mode pas contente

Dark Side of Typography

Danse nuptiale

Japanese Crane Courtship Dance - Japanese cranes have one of the most intricate and beautiful courtship dances in the world.

Eadweard Muybridge (1930 - 1904)

Etienne-Jules-Marey-Chronophotography In 1889 Demeny attached incandescent bulbs to the joints of an assistant and created the first known light painting photograph “Pathological Walk From in Front”.