21 Pins
a pond surrounded by lush green trees and purple flowers
Martine Aballéa
the sky is filled with lots of white bubbles floating in front of trees and clouds
Geometric Natural Patterns by Mami Yamanaka
Geometric Natural Patterns by Mami Yamanaka – Fubiz Media
an open book with blue circles on it's page and the title in french
Student 2014
two people sitting on a bench in the middle of a park with trees and flowers
Donkey Skin | Jacques Demy | 1970
a person standing in front of a window with rain drops on the glass and their shadow
the poetry of material things
Alessandro Lupi, Identity, 2013
blue balls in the snow with a mountain in the background
stellar axis aligns 99 blue spheres to stars in the antarctic sky
lita albuquerque's stellar axis
a man standing in front of a giant colorful object
"Poetic Cosmos of the Breath" by Tomás Saraceno.
“Poetic Cosmos of the Breath” by Tomás Saraceno.
several colorful kites hanging from the ceiling in front of a window with white walls
Via Lionel Esteve, "Prototype for a Chaos II" 2010 Courtesy: Galerie Perrotin, Paris
Surreal gifs by Romain Laurent Pixel Art, Optical Illusions, Moving Pictures, Moving Image, Surreal Art, Images Gif, Colorful Pictures, Art Videos, Animated Gif
Surreal gifs by Romain Laurent
the mountains are covered in different colored rocks
Landmannalaugar, Iceland