Felt magnets

DIY refrigerator magnets made of cold porcelain or oven bake clay! Raincloud and raindrops magnet set for the fridge. Hang Kids artwork and other miscellany with this cute homemade set!

Cloudy room #kid #room

In Athens, Greece, lives a little girl named after the clouds. Her name is Nefeli (cloud in Greek).

Cloud macarons - seriously amazing!  (. . .sadly, I like the coasters more than I like the recipe on this one.  :/ )

Des macarons dans les nuages

Cloud macaroons Cloud macaroons Cloud macaroons products-i-love

clouds wall decor

Raindrops keep falling on my head! Use these ever so pretty rain clouds above a bed, dresser or on a bedroom wall or door to make your little one’s room the cutest in town. Largest cloud is wide. Smallest cloud is wide.

carte nuage

This would be adorable for a baby shower invite ~ Cartes nuages, le petit atelier de Paris.

Doudou Nuage

Made of incredibly soft bamboo felt, this sweet cloud is perfect as a doll for hugging and squeezing or as a nap-time pillow for some light and fluffy dreams. The cloud is around tall and can be GENTLY hand-washed with cold water and mild soap.

Pluie fine sous nuage gris.

THE Big Grey Rain cloud with Gold raindrops by The Butter Flying