tartare de saumon et avocat

Salmon and Avocado Tower.reminds me of another Avocado Salad I've had at a sushi restaurant lately.

planche charcuterie/fromage

This massive fruit, cheese and meat buffet is impressive to have guests make their own appetizer plates during cocktail hour. Classy and rustic at the same time.

décoration Vin d'honneur mariage

De jolis glaçons pour le vin d'honneur

Champagne and rose ice cubes. cute idea with the roses in the ice cubes - for use in any drink.

Repas Buffet: 12 inspirations pour un mariage champêtre

30 inspirations pour un mariage champêtre

Gâteaux chiffre.  Bonne

Gâteaux chiffre. Bonne