Food Trucks

Seven awesome food trucks -- ranging from one selling empanadas to two vegan upstarts -- currently looking for funding through crowdsource platform Kickstarter.

Green Graffiti

grow - nice green street art project with moss typography by anna garforth! also, check out edina tokodi and the recipe how to do it yourself!

Tetris on building

MIT hackers transformed the Green Building (the tallest building in Cambridge) on campus to a multi-colored, playable, Tetris game!

Light / Music Show

What happens when you park the new, not yet launched, Opel ADAM -- the colour changing car - in central Copenhagen on a dark evening - and make it come to li.

Chemin vert direction bâtiment

Chemin vert direction bâtiment

Installation green

This is the real story of Beck's Moss Graffiti Project. A story about natural ingredients.

Playing snake on building

The Snake game using the lights of an entire building El juego de la viborita usando las luces de un edificio.

Message sonore / music dans vitre de métro

La fenêtre du métro vous parle

3d mapping

This is a light show in Switzerland. Nothing was actually put onto the building, its all projected lights.

Graffiti au Kärcher

It might be the coolest form of marketing that you’ve never heard of - clean graffiti (or reverse graffiti) is an innovative, environmentally safe and eye