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Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears one in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again. Then my eyes should be squeaky clean!

acknowledge what you have done with an apology after which your actions will demonstrate how sorry you truly are - then please oh please dont do it again!

Learning how to apologize when you made a mistake is important. But it is worthless, if you do not commit towards not making the same mistake again.


Never Respond To Rudeness?ref=pinp nn Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don’t take it personally be silent. I need to remember this.

Listen-to-people-when-they-are-angry-because-that-is-when-the-real-truth-comes-out. #quote

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Listen to people when they are angry, because that is when the real truth comes out. Sometimes it's shows the truth you need to listen as well

This is so true. I think it's more important to listen closely to what people, who call themselves your 'friends', don't say & do then what they actually do. Their true colors will shine thru if you just pay attention!!!

Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention to the way people act around you. Pay attention to when people come and when they go from your life. Always kwwp your eyes open.

sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey. they don't need to. its not for them.

Quotes About Success : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. Its not for them. Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !


Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don't have. (President Thomas S.

Lorsque je suis silencieuse, ce n'est pas parce que je n'ai rien à dire. C'est parce que je ne crois pas que tu sois prêt à entendre ce que je pense.

Lorsque je ne dis rien, ce n’est pas parce que je n’ai rien à dire

Lorsque je ne dis rien, ce n’est pas parce que je n’ai rien à dire

Best inspirational Quotes of the week

Best inspirational Quotes of the week

When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities.

Time to start practicing this. Might have ruined a few friendships this way and I can't let that happen anymore

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. - gotta remember this more often.

Forget your past, whether it is simple or compound, and participate in your present so that then your future will be more than perfect!

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