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I'm surprised I was able to read this since my last French class was eight years ago - "If I drink alcohol, I'm an alcoholic. And if I drink Fanta?

When you're getting ready to do a nail trim | 20 Funny Animal Humour Pictures

20 Funny Animal Humour Pictures

Une pensée pour tous les patients, les pharmaciens, les infirmières et autres personnels de santé qui se doivent de déchiffrer cet alphabet assez méconnu ...

Yep, I fear that poor handwriting may well be a characteristic integrated in the genome of doctors, so this typeface would be usefull for them. Source: Typeface designed for doctors (Today I Learned.

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SpongeBob Comic Series (24 Episodes)

SpongeBob: Patrick you're a genius! Patrick: Yeah, I get called that a lot. SpongeBob: What? A genius? Patrick: No, Patrick.

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