Galerie Sakura

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a pink sculpture of a woman's head with curly hair on a pink background
Carolina Mizrahi - Untitled 1 - Galerie Sakura
Carolina Mizrahi - Untitled 1 - Galerie Sakura
an airplane is flying in the sky with its wings spread out and it appears to be wrapped in foil
Dust, Docubyte - Photographie d’art
Docubyte - Dust - Galerie Sakura
a yellow taxi driving down a street next to tall buildings
Yellow Cab, NYC, Collection André Robé - Photographie d’art
© Collection André Robé
an inflatable balloon floating over a body of water with lots of boats on it
SA-PO_-_Grubenvogel, SA-PO - Photographie d’art
a zebra standing in front of a display of fruit at a grocery store filled with oranges, apples and other fruits
Garden Fresh 3, Agan Harahap - Photographie d’art
© Agan Harahap
a woman swinging a tennis racquet at a ball on a court with palm trees in the background
Tennis, Sarah Eick - Photographie d’art
© Sarah Eick
a woman in a gold bathing suit holding up a record to her face on the beach
Shiny Maillot, Yulia Gorodinski - Photographie d’art
© Yulia Gorodinski
a woman doing a handstand on top of a building in new york city
Klodi 'Jeopardy', Jon Compson - Photographie d’art
© Jon Compson
an open door in the middle of a room with sand on the floor and walls
Romain Veillon - Sunken Ship - Galerie Sakura
© Romain Veillon
several tall buildings with cranes in the sky above them and an empty parking lot below
3 small men, Gary Bryan - Photographie d’art
© Gary Bryan
an airplane flying through the air between two buildings
A_NY II, Gustav Willeit - Photographie d’art
© Gustav Willeit
black and white photograph of people walking in a train station with an american flag hanging from the ceiling
Grand Central Terminal, Alex Teuscher - Photographie d’art
© Alex Teuscher
a large building with many windows and cars parked on the street in front of it
NYC Carnegie Hall, Fabien Margnac - Photographie d’art
© Fabien Margnac
two women with red and white makeup are standing in front of each other, facing opposite directions
Alexander Khokhlov - Quotes - Galerie Sakura
© Alexander Khokhlov
an old yellow race car is parked in the middle of the desert with it's hood open
Lonestar, Will Graham - Photographie d’art
Will Graham - Lonestar - Galerie Sakura