White t-shirt with upcycled vintage crochet doily back

Cut a hole in the back of a tee shirt top and sew in a hand crochet doilie. Or perhaps find square doilies, and put them on point on the sides of a shirt (so as not to show my bra).

Le tuto: une petite bande de dentelle ancienne fixée avec du double face sur un…

Do your own lace stamping roller with a piece of vintage lace print art craft tip for making lace borders and stamps

une bonne idée pour réausser un t shirt ordinaire

cute idea for tshirt redo - I used to do this to my t-shirts years ago - guess it's coming back in style. Find the doilies in your antique store or Goodwill.

recycler des napperons

LOVE THIS! Grandma's old doiles with new linen table cloth. Love it! Stitch Doilies onto Table cloth, embellish with buttons, ribbon, embroidery - inspired! Found LOTS of doilies and can't bring myself to toss them.

10 Idées de sapins "quand on n'a pas de place" !

10 Idées de sapins "quand on n'a pas de place" !

Snowflake-shaped doilies arranged like Christmas ornaments, hot glued to a window (the glue will peel right off) I really love this idea!

Attrape rêves boho chic - Dentelle chic

Attrape rêves bohème - Dentelle chic