By Yosuke Goda

Une incroyable pièce totalement illustrée au marqueur par l’artiste japonais Yosuke Goda. (I don't speak French but I think) an incredible piece totally illustrated from marker by the Japanese artist Yosuke Goda

Nature: Objet Typologie: active (usage) Objectif: Expérience

Saphera- Cardboard structure ideas Acoustic architectures: by Zimoun, a sound artist/sculptor who builds different kinds of white noise into structures.


^Esther Stocker - very graphical style when framing a space. forms are used to create illusions of manifestations - they highlight architectural and object features:

Cloudy House par Tomás Saraceno - Journal du Design

Cloudy House par Tomás Saraceno

CUBE - Ces nombreuses lignes parallèles et perpendiculaires font penser à mon fond et aux traits de mon volu

PROSPETTIVA _ More intricate frame work - more space to hang work? but also leads people through


Hacked & Burned

Into The Continuum :: A perspective on mathematics, the pattern, and the abstract with animated GIFs and code to reproduce.

nA-WINDSHAPE-17.jpg, sep 2008

Windshape - Tissage architectural


Tara Donovan - Tara Donovan’s organic installations formed of prosaic manufactured materials like transparent cups and plastic straws, paper plates, and adding machine paper suggest the gentle waves found in nature. I just really like installation art

Karin Widnas - Klink:

Klinker Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios Direct link: cargocollective.

Unfold On Digital - 3D printed media installation

Unfold: Preliminary Study Toward Printed Media Installations Digital Sculpture Studies July 2014 - Ongoing

Les plafonds se font beaux !

I like these wave-like illuminated light fixtures, could be incorporated with sound dampening materials. Repetition in the W Hotel Downtown, NYC // Repetición en el W Hotel de Nueva York.

Franck Gehry

Always enjoy seeing a Frank Gehry design; The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, is a museum of modern and contemporary art, designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry.