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awesome idea

Two sided book case if we want to make the stair side books, leaving the other wall for the sofa. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year in Concrete

verrière coulissante sur cuisine

love the idea of having some type of glass door or sliding door that can be left open but closed

If you slide these bookshelves together, I'm assuming it might be tough to tell there's a room back there...No additional info at the source, unfortunately.

Great idea for shelves for sliding doors! Great use of wall space and storage for the bedroom, living room or family room!

Verriere cuisine-rebord

Cool idea to create the feel of open plan when you cannot pull down walls - bi fold window



I love the whole place >> Madeleine & Matias Paris appartment

gration de l’extension a nécessité la dépose d’un mur porteur; un IPN coffré perme

Cloisons en cuisine : jouez la transparence

fabricant pergola bioclimatique, veranda bioclimatique pour la maison

La véranda bioclimatique - la meilleure solution en 45 photos!

Bureau industriel

Source: Heidi Lerkenfeldt I’ve been thinking a lot about my kitchen recently. It’s such a vital part of the house in terms of layout and aesthetically that I really want to get it right. Even a glass wall is a decor idea.