all second graders did @ my son school it was very cool. The art teacher told them secrets about how to draw faces. He was very proud. Great idea for back to school night!  This will be good for those few minutes when parents are signing in and the rest of them are staring at you.

Our Small-Town Idaho Life: MY CLASSROOM- Parents have to guess which one is their child's on parent-teacher night!

Love this for a first project - identity collage

Collage Week- A good idea for the beginning of the year to get to know your students. You can hang them up on your bulletin board to display student work and show who your students are.

dessin de bonhomme sur fond de carrés de papier de soie

Kinder Self Portraits, Make Tissue paper backgrounds on one day then full body self portraits the next class. Have parent helpers help cut them out and students can glue them onto their tissue paper backgrounds

dried glue lines on black paper with chalk pastels... first grade

First grade self portraits: dried glue lines on black paper with chalk pastels. Lots of other art lessons on this site, too.

Carte vestiaire prénom

Teach the principle of design called emphasis using this scribble art effect. Students write their name in bold letters and then doodle on the page.

Name Projects

Name Projects - using the student's name to fill a frame. A great beginning of the school year project.

Pour la rentrée: Je me présente!

Great way to start year in blanks, teach verbs to form sentences, write in paragraph, present orally, students ask/answer personal questions.

Tout pour septembre

Tout pour septembre

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La rentrée - Je me présente - All about me - Back to school

La rentrée scolaire - Je me présente - Me voici - All about me - Back to school

Idées de présentation des élèves pour la rentrée

Idées de présentation pour la rentrée

Dossier de poèmes pour faire son choix avant septembre, et se renouveler !

Poèmes pour la rentrée, sur l'école, les élèves et les maîtresses

Dossier de poèmes pour faire son choix avant septembre, et se renouveler !