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It’s cold outside…

I hate socks, Chris doesn't. So while we cuddle and watch TV on the couch: I put my feet in between his, making a nice "cozy foot hammock" a term I made up that Chris hated so much haha.

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Someday id like to take this same photo - romantic picture - love - couple under red umbrella in Paris - eiffel tower - VALENTINE'S day


Items similar to Book Paper Garland - Cream Hearts Garland - Wedding Garland - Upcycled Paper Hearts - Valentine's Day on Etsy

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DIY Valentine's Day branch tree


Craft your own finger print heart this Valentine's Day on a homemade personal card! It would be kind of cool to get your thumb print and your Valentine's too

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(HOT!) "Charmed" Ultra Longwear Mechanical Lip Pencil