Savoir marier les couleurs, c'est facile !

blue gradient stairs and modern outdoor furniture // inspiration for breezeway and patio

Love the gradient pink risers on this staircase from

Ombre Stairs Tutorial -- would love to try this in a different color

The Best of Black and White

concrete stairs

KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon Attention to detail I guess the idea was that the stair can be a part of building skin. For that, the architect made new type of stair. Actually the stair does not exist itself.

Loft 2 by Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura

A Light-Filled, Industrial Loft in Barcelona

Fascinating Mix of Materials and Textures

Wonderful Interior of Industrial Loft Apartment in Kiev by Studio Group : Clean and Chic White Floating Open Staircase.

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