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Natural Silver Sista/fb: 1. Apply Coconut Oil to dry hair 2. Cover w/ cap, sit under dryer 15-20 min. 3. Rinse. 4. Co-wash. 5. Rinse. LOC Method: 6. L (Leave-in) Knot Today to soaking wet hair 7. O (Oil) Coconut Oil to seal in moisture 8. C (Cream) Section hair, apply Curl Enhancing Smoothie to small sections while smoothing and stretching hair. 9. Apply Eco Styler Gel. 10. Sit under hood dryer until semi dry, complete by air drying. 11. Fluff from roots with a pick.

Natural Silver Sista/fb: Apply Coconut Oil to dry hair

Hotaru, Narumi and Mikan ♡ | Gakuen Alice

A father and daughter relationship ( Narumi-sempai, Mikan & Hotaru ) Gakuen Alice