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vintage camera - i had this one- now it is just a few pieces after falling from a high shelf!   Boo hoo- Tina

The Brownie Hawkeye was a Bakelite camera made in the U. and in France from about 1949 to The flash model was introduced in par Maurie Daboux….


Pink Memory: Solange Knowles in park slope. The house was painted pink by a man who’s wife had lost her fight to breast cancer in honor of her. Sadly, the man died and the community took no time to repaint the house.

Photography & Poetry - Photo & Poésie - Blue & Pink, Pantone Color(s) of 2016, Rose Quartz & Serenity.

Your choice in colors can reveal more about your hidden spiritual powers than you could possibly imagine. I got Precognition, which I had suspected.

#inspiration #rose #tourmaline

these pink stairs at the last Marc Jacobs + LV show, Paris Fashion Week / Park & Cube

Ralph Lauren Collection Spring 2015 #NYFW

Come on a Safari With Ralph Lauren


May 2015 Texture color chip of ice cream/milkshake. Very cool to use as a color alone

Audrey Hepburn, beauty icon choice from Stemology user Debra Simeroth. | fifties | pink flowers | pink dress | celebrity beauty | iconic beauty | hollywood legends

Pretty in pink. Audrey Hepburn looks a true beauty in this classic fashion shot. The darker background makes Audrey truly stand out in full focus.