I have looked at you in million of ways and I have loved you in each. and I miss you so much . I miss you Bill

A stored roulette of memories of you that makes my heart smile. When you are perfect, i love you. When you are flawed, i love you. When you are scared, i love you. When you are laughing, i love you. I am indebted to the universe for your existence.


I love you Sara Whaley.You are my best friend and you are my favorite person.I love you

Completely #lesbians #love

I Love YOU MADLY! I'm missing YOU so terribly! Was it really just yesterday? Minutes away from you become hours. I Love everything about YOU!

La logique vous mènera d'un point A à un point B. L'imagination vous mènera partout. Albert Einstein

"The logic will take you to a point A to a point B. The imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein A genius quote. Plus

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