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How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Bird Feeders, Creative Ideas for Recycled Crafts

Ma poubelle est un Jardin: Special recyclage, encore les bouteilles en plastiques

Lots of plants like bottom watering. A DIY soda bottle drip feeder will help to do just that. See how to do it thegardeningcook.

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Springtime Mickey Bark

DIY Backyard Bird Feeder with a soda bottle and wooden spoons ~ Good kid craft and great to recycle. Love this idea. Just gotta find a soda bottle cuz we don't drink it.

HomeMade bird feeder, made out of a plastic water bottle and two wooden spoons. Really easy to make, and the birds love it.

Lovely Planters for Kids from Upcycled Plastic Bottles Flowers, Plants & Planters

Lovely Planters for Kids from Upcycled Plastic Bottles

These lovely planters are made from upcycled plastic bottles and containers of all kinds and this could make a perfect DIY project for this spring season with your kids.