Really clever and unique masthead. They have played around with the type instead of just using the word summit which would look boring and dull.

I like the font and how different letters are smaller or bigger than others also the image is the main focal point as there are not many other colours

Aleksandra Kingo

Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.

Vestoj (London, UK)

Mandy Rep and Sara Ingemann from Atelier CPH in Copenhagen join the Est Style Hunter team.

Courier (London, UK)

A selling platform for magazines and a bustling magazine marketplace.

The Pitchfork Review (Chicago, IL, USA)

The Pitchfork Review (Chicago, IL, USA)

GOOD (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Hari Nef with Zackary Drucker cover Good - The Fashion Issue, fall 2015 by Luke Gilford

Donald Trump

Zeke Miller on

This week's issue of Time magazine features a hand-painted version of the president amid a storm in the the Oval Office. The cover story takes an in-depth look at Trump's "White House chaos" since taking office on January