Pencil Shavings Art

Pencil Shaving Art: Creative drawings by London based children’s book author & illustrator Marta Altes. I never thought to do that - now I wish I'd saved some!

Do you love Children? Why not volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and make a difference!  pencil sharpenings

Sharpen those pencils – and not just to draw with! Use the shavings to create your own Christmas tree design.

Oh, all the things you can do with pencil shavings!

Creative Pencil Shaving Art

Graphic designer Marta Altes creates creative artworks from reused pencil shavings. Marta Altes was initially trained in Barcelona before moving …

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Collage Flores con puntas de lapiz

Inna's Creations: Collage: Bouquet of flowers made of pencil shaving.

New Home Card Pencil Shavings Collection | Ruth Jackson | Blank | Handmade | Forages

New Home Card Pencil Shavings Collection By Ruth Jackson: A charming blank card to congratulate the new homeowner, the roof of the illustrated house has.

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Recycle Color Pencil Shavings and turn them into a fun piece of art! A project for the whole family via @tarynatddD

Coored Pencil Shaving Art!

Playing With Pencil Shavings, A Series of Illustrations by Marta Altés

Playing With Pencil Shavings, A Series of Illustrations by Marta Altés

Pencil Shaving Art

Pencil Shaving Art

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