Organizing the Pantry by Zones

Organize Your Pantry by Zones

A whole article about how to zone your pantry, including pictures. Love the bread basket idea

Déco: 10 manières originales de présenter vos photos

Déco: 10 manières originales de présenter vos photos

your interests, friends, music you’re into, and so forth. I’ll give you 5 easy DIY photo projects to turn your drab dorm decor into something both you AND your roommate can show off to friends that’ll […]

Vous prendrez bien un peu d'amour à emporter ?

French mots d'amour (words of love) for the taking. Perfect way for Lora Weaver to learn about love the French way;


Beautiful Family Picture Wall Idea home-decor. I really like this bc Live Love Laugh is our living room theme. - My Interior Design Ideas

Carte merci maîtresse / maître / nounou/ ATSEM

Créer un cadeau personnalisé "Merci maître(sse) / nounou"

Utilisations du bicarbonate à la maison

10 Utilisations du Bicarbonate de Soude Que Personne Ne Connaît.

Baking Soda and Your Teeth: What Sodium Bicarbonate Does to Your Teeth and Gums – HealthyTipsAdvice

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