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some type of font that is black and white with the words written in different languages
a cartoon drawing of a man holding his hand up to the side with words written on it
a cartoon depicting a woman speaking to other people
a black and white sign that says,'we convendiati - ill pas de
four different types of french language cards with cartoon characters and words on them, including one in
the cartoon shows a man holding a cell phone and talking to another person in front of him
four different types of business brochures with the words on them in french and english
a man climbing up the side of a snow covered mountain with a box on his head
printable worksheet with numbers for children
Trace Number 1-20 Worksheets | Activity Shelter
trace numbers 1 20 for kindergarten
a group of people standing in front of a door with a sign on it that says court
a green background with the words classcraft - knowledge center
Knowledge Center
Classcraft - Knowledge Center
three headshots of people smiling for the camera
Topics – Classcraft - Knowledge Center
Classcraft - Knowledge Center
three men and two women are smiling at the camera, one man is wearing glasses
Knowledge Center
Classcraft - Knowledge Center
four cartoon faces with different expressions in french and english, including one man giving the thumbs up