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four cartoon cards depicting different scenes from the same time as they are being watched by people
four different cartoon pictures with one being an old man and the other is a car
an airplane with people in it flying through the sky
a piggy bank with an electronic device on it's back and the words les banques et les petroliles
four comics with cartoon characters on them and one has an image of a man in the background
four different comics about the same person
a cartoon drawing of a man flying through the air with a fire in the background
three cartoon pictures with people in front of a building
War, Protest, Quebec, Dewar, Mackay
a cartoon depicting people on a boat in the water, and one man is speaking to another
an image of a target with numbers in it and the words,'atlant de
the statue of liberty is sitting in front of an american flag and holding a pen
three panel comics with cartoon characters in the middle one is holding a paper and another has an open book on it