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an image of three angels riding on sleds in the sky with stars above
two older men flying in the sky with angel wings
an older man wearing glasses and a suit smiling at the camera with other people in the background
Décès de l'ancien premier ministre Bernard Landry
L'ancien premier ministre du Québec Bernard Landry est mort à l'âge de 81 ans.
three pictures of women with skis and snowboards
R.I.P. Réjane Provost Ripped
R.I.P. Réjane Provost
a drawing of people standing in front of a giant shadow
Le coup de crayon du 29 mars
Les caricatures de Garnotte
an older woman with glasses is in front of a red curtain and has a thought bubble above her head
Caricatures du jour
Galerie de photos de LaPresse.ca.
an angel is walking down the stairs to another person's head and holding her hand out
a black and white photo of a hat with writing on the side that says, melleyyoun