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the logo for journe mondiale de l'environnement
a cartoon dog is standing in front of a basketball hoop on dry ground with water
a cartoon drawing of a man flying through the air with a fire in the background
four cartoon cards depicting different stages of the earth's climate and how to use it
a drawing of an older man with glasses and a red cap on his head is looking at the earth
an image of the earth with stars in the sky and sun shining down on it
a cartoon depicting two people sitting in a chair watching tv and talking to each other
a cartoon car with a man standing next to it and another person talking on the phone
a comic strip with an image of two men talking to each other and the words cost of living costs of living
three different pictures of leaves and snow on the ground with words in french above them
a polar bear standing on top of an ice floet with the caption, grise du loment et changement glimatique
an image of editorial cartoon water supply on the app store's facebook page, with caption that reads editorial cartoon water supply drying up
Winter, Climate Change, Death, Skeptic, Winter Storm