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David Spriggs uses a combinations of acrylic paint and transparent plastic sheets to create sculptural installations with images floating within them. Spriggs divides his abstract designs into .

Amazing 3D Art Installations by David Spriggs. - Design Is This

David Spriggs, "Vision" 104 x 124 x 36 in. Acrylic paint on multiple sheets of transparent film in display case. Depending on the viewer's angle, the piece can look like it is imploding, exploding, or both.

Vision by David Sprigg    David Sprigg‘s art pieces are referred to as “stratachromes”. I.e. “An image or object developed or executed in multiple planes or layers of color.” Working within that newly pioneered process, Sprigg creates monumental, luminescent 3D paintings that are equally mesmerizing from every angle.

David Spriggs is an English artist based in Montreal who paints on multiple panels of glass to create amazing works of art. The ethereal images appear to be floating behind the outer panels of glass. The technique he uses is called stratachrome, define

The Shining diy carpet maze with hair clippers. "What craft should I do today? Oh, I know, I will make a maze rug based on The Shining, that will spruce up my decor!" It is pretty interesting!

Clouds Sculpture made of styrofoam cups / Tara Donovan

Clouds Sculpture made of styrofoam cups / Tara Donovan - What a great way for natural light to be let in. Beautiful The more of this artist I see the more I love her. Is she trying to say something about plastic cups?