Escalier méditerranéen : lavandes, graminées, en haut une cordilyne pourpre donne de la hauteur. En bas le lierre couvre les premières marches.

Designer Judy Kameon wanted Benson's stairs, which are made of landscape ties, to wind through a sea of plants, slowing the uphill walk and inviting visitors to enjoy the colors and textures of grasses and fragrant herbs.

drought tolerant plants: French lavender; olive trees, and New Zealand grasses, particularly varieties of poa.

Garden Designer Visit: Lavender Fields in Australia

fountain grass, yucca, and lavendar, oh my! I could probably split what I have and be able to do a large section of my xeriscape plot...

create a lush garden.great use of grasses to fill in a space, and take note that much of this garden is foliage…

English Garden

Compact English garden: Packing the greenery into a small space beautiful rose Roses {Pretty} Peonies!

Le jardin paysager - tendance moderne de jardinage

Le jardin paysager - tendance moderne de jardinage -

Grandes guirlandes en enrouler sur les troncs des arbres

Comment décorer le guirlande lumineuse extérieur ?

this is how i like to spend my summer nights: outside, in the garden, and with a…


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