Peu-être un peu bête, mais terriblement craquant x,)

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Buntes Basteln mit Klopapierrollen - Feuerspeiende Drachen *** This fire breathing, toilet paper roll dragon is SO MUCH FUN! Blow into the end, and it looks like flames are coming out of the dragon's mouth! Such a cute craft idea for a rainy day!

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DIY Mini Koinobori - Japanese flying carp DIY

Koinobori (Japanese Flying Carp) DIY from Squirrelly Minds.uses toilet paper tubes and colored tissue.

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fille qui regarde un bocal rempli de paillettes colorées

Cette bouteille à faire soi-même a le pouvoir magique d'apaiser les enfants !

keep calm and glitter on: child must shake the glitter jar and then sit still as they watch the glitter settle. this is a great behavioural strategy to calm any child down in the classroom or at home