modèle doudou au tricot gratuit

A little hat pattern to fit a TEAROOM Doll.Pattern is written in ENGLISHThe pattern includes the option to knit your doll hat the round and on 2 straight knitting needles &

wash day

A small little bear story, where bear learns not to climb in the washing machine… See the whole story and pictures here

Christmas miniature white teddy bear by JunJunLittleBear

Christmas sale ,Christmas whiteBear,Carl ,miniature teddy bear artist by Junko Fujinami

Vintage Sewing, Teddy Bears, Fashion Plates, Plush, Bear Cubs, Teddybear, Heirloom Sewing

Peluche Ours d\'artiste Rebecca - piece unique signee - ours fabrication ancienne

Ours en peluche anciens - Vintage Teddy bear

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Nos créations