the first inflatable car seat for child from 9 to 27 kg
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the back end of a van filled with yellow items
Luftikid inflates in 20 seconds and deflation is immediate.
a man carrying a yellow bag into the back of a car
little "light" bag:1 kg and 35x25 cm
a little boy sitting in the back seat of a car with life vests on
With his bow, children whose age is less than 3 and a half years will be maintained in the ideal position. Luftikid is flexible and scalable depending on the age of the children.
a large yellow bag with black string on the bottom and drawstring around it
Luftikid weighs 1 kg and its dimensions are 35 cm and a diameter of 25 cm. It is a concentrate of technology, because it is manufactured using an advanced process in hardware with military features
an inflatable life jacket is sitting on top of some pillows
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