Amazing Triple Decker Strawberry Cake. Super Moist, Rich and Really Sweet!

Strawberry Triple Layer Cake

Amazing Triple Decker Strawberry Layer Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting! _ It’s wonderfully moist, very rich, and beautifully pink

Millefeuilles tomates mozarella basilic

Millefeuilles tomates mozarella basilic - make when the garden tomatoes ripen!

Poulet à la crème, moutarde et vin blanc          remplacer la crème par de la crème végétale

Poulet à la crème, moutarde or to English speakers, this is--roughly translated--chicken in white sauce.


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piment d'espelette, citron, courgettes, boules de mozzarella, huile d'olive, (menthe fraiche).

Salade de courgettes et mozzarella- Translated: 3 large sprigs of fresh mint or mint dried fresh red chilli Espelette 1 lemon small courgettes 125 g small mozzarella balls olive oil sea ​​salt pepper

Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial

Pink Zebra Cake Recipe - from CAKE DECORATING - A pin category from Byrna Luyben-Cronk, please note that this woman's pin's include many tips and instructions for a myriad of cake designs


Homemade Calzone (Wrapped up Pizza). Calzone is basically the same as pizza but with a much prettier appearance