The Sanskrit "Abhaya" -- have no fear -- in Devanagri calligraphy.

The Sanskrit "Abhaya" -- have no fear -- in Devanagri calligraphy. Originally designed as a tattoo for a client. Custom calligraphy designs can be ordered by going to my Palmstone website

Lotus flower has a very great symbolic significance which depicts divine perfection. This article gives the top picks of lotus tattoo designs you can try for.

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Among the many lotus tattoo designs, there are the beautiful white lotus flower tattoo designs that particularly hold your attention with their myriad strokes.

I'm so getting this tattoo. It's Sanskrit for "Ahimsa", which basically means "compassion for all living things."

ahimsa - noun (in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist tradition) respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others.

#OmTattoos love the placement

10 Devotional Om Tattoo Designs

Ohm - symbol for the sound & vibration of everything in the universe, hence the placement behind my ear.

belle idée de tatouage hirondelles noires sur le pied

Tatouage hirondelle pour rêveurs - idées originales et belles

20 Reasons Why You will Want to Get an Elephant Tattoo Elephants are revered for their memory, sense of sympathy, cleverness, and wisdom! We’ll look at their meaning and check out tons of Elephant Tattoo Designs