Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies - these are delicious! They're made from scratch and studded with white chocolate chips. Love the white chocolate chips! (Will likely make them from cake mix!

Orange cinnamon Belgian waffles

Orange cinnamon Belgian waffles with dark chocolate hot fudge Tried these without the choc hot fudge and they weren't that great. If I were to make them again I wouldn't put that much cinnamon and would eat them with the fudge maybe?

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Caramels mous au Beurre salé

coffee and muffin. I want these little boxes so I can make this for Aaron for breakfast!

Oh Joy | Nikole Herriott | Sakura Candy Corn

Pink pop corn made with sweeter with nonpareils and sakura {cherry blossom} extract.

Beignets au four, 0% de culpabilité

Big diamond cookie cutter, printed - this and many other designs available from Printmeneer on Etsy