Quelle belle idée !

Tree of Life Poster

A unique tree of life design by Gary, Aaron & Khairul from Degree in the shape of a tree trunk; a closer look shows that each "ring" is composed of different animals.


AquaWay — watercolored vector pack

Jim Field

Love this bear! Jim Field Shop - A Bear, Brolly and Salmon. Drawn in dip pen, this is a scanned version of the original artwork.

Les dessins au café et autres aliments de Giulia Bernardelli #foodart - http://www.2tout2rien.fr/les-dessins-au-cafe-et-autres-aliments-de-giulia-bernardelli-foodart/

Artist Giulia Bernardelli creates whimsical paintings using spilled food.talk about an unconventional medium; this artist is amazing!

Jean-Jacques Sempé

Les débuts de Jean-Jacques Sempé!

Jean-Jacques Sempé : Comment on s'enrhume. en 12 images / How do you catch a cold . in 12 images,

Pour illustrer les règles de vie??? Le DADA de l'Enfant Terrible

Picasso Faces, line art + collage, good for younger & assisted work, creative collaboration, & the 'pass it around game' *Dada*

Brain Magazine - Page Président - Maquette spéciale ''disparition'' dans le New York Times

Maquette spéciale ''disparition'' dans le New York Times

Brian Stauffer’s piece (in collaboration with Matt Dorfman) about the missing Malaysian jetliner. New York Times, March