Keep the branches exactly as they are, ut, instead of the butterfly wing, make that side a cluster of monarchs flying with some landed on the branch stretched out. Also, shading it so that it pops out and making it more realistic looking.

Mariposa del arco iris acuarela original por AlisaAdamsoneArt

Rainbow Butterfly - original watercolor painting. Colorful nature wall art. Unusual birthday present. Contemporary art. Watercolour picture

des peintures à l’aquarelle ? Non, des tatouages à la fluidité insouciante que l’on doit à Aleksandra Katsan.

Tattoo Artist Captures the Carefree Fluidity of Watercolor Paint

Hummingbirds are among the smallest birds on the planet. Hummingbird tattoos are rather rare, so have a look at our list if you are looking for inspiration!

Carole : "Idée de mouvement pour une nuée de papillon."

Overlapping butterflies in light and dark threads create dynamic contrast and beautiful energy from Urban Threads

Best Tattoo Ideas Ever