Art de la table : Gâteau au chocolat

Frank Haasnoot Morpheus: "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Frank Haasnoot

a creator personality with an inherent attraction quality. I always loved desserts so i studied and started making desserts at home.


pastry_inspiration: with Introducing special: 'Egg-licious' - Lemon mousse stone fruits jelly sit in a chocolate egg cup surprised with strawberry and milk chocolate crunchy pearls its egg-citing! (Nut free ) Available now :


Mont Blanc • Cassis

Contains pâte sucrée, almond cream, blackcurrant jam, chestnut mousse, chantilly and chestnut creams. Recipe for chestnut mousse and instructions for assembly natalie e

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Santiago Cuyugan: foam, Cream, Roasted Cocoa and Milk - Vote for your favourite! Winning competitors product to receive a from

Пирожные с японским чизкейком, кремом дипломат и клубничным центром - My recipe book

Cakes with Japanese cheesecake, cream and strawberry diplomat center - My recipe book

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Bûche chocolat caramel ~ traditional Yule log dessert for Christmas, in caramel & chocolate

WEBSTA @ - Шоколадный новый год .Осталось всего полтора дня для участия в конкурсе .Условия ищите ниже  Напоминаю, разыгрываем  скидку на обучение в Академии Шоколада, 20 кг превосходного черного шоколада Callebaut и фирменные фартуки Callebaut.#СуперБейкер @emmanueleforcon

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