Luli Sanchez

Inspiration for Art Quilts: Luli Sanchez, artist and printed textile designer who works in handpainted watercolor media.

<p>Maxime Francout is a french artist and designer. His series “Experimentation” explores different design combinations and patterns in order to create strong minimalist images. Francout’s expertise in patterns, typography and abstract drawings has led to multiple awards in addition to features in magazines from all over the world. For more info visit:</p>

Graphic Experimentation For Minimalist Images

Permanent marker installations by Heike Weber

Not only is Germany-based artist Heike Weber a bit of a whizz with a permanent marker, she must also have the patience of a saint when creating these mesmerising repeat pattern installations.

Complementary #Dualism #Philosophy - There are 2 sides to every person, the difference being which side you CHOOSE to support and feed into; good or evil. Simple as that

14 Philosophical Concepts As Basic Shapes

Minimalist posters explain complex philosophical concepts with basic shapes -- a series entitled "Philographics," created by London-based graphic designer Genís Carreras.

Gisela Hoffmann | Raumlinien 26, 2013

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a3 design lab

Navigate your way out of your own imprisonment. ~ETS (design studio VIII, school of architecture and design, LAU, Byblos (via

Espíritu Geométrico 6

model: ginta lapina (womenmanagement) photographer: txema yeste stylist: melania pan hair: olivier lebrun make-up: christopher kam (airportagency) manicure: samantha falcone