A father playing flute for his paralyzed son

"The Music of Love". Taken in Tenganan Village, Bali of a man playing bamboo music to a dear boy. Photo by A. Found this on National Geographic

The happiness of a Pakistanian girl after divorcing from her husband and she is only 9

nationalgeographicdaily: “ Nujood Ali, Yemen Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic Nujood Ali was ten when she fled her abusive, much older husband and took a taxi to the courthouse in.


Post with 6559 votes and 825249 views. A very powerful picture drawn by the child of a coal-mine worker.

Too young to smoke

Sally Mann Candy Cigarette 1989 - Sally Mann is one of my absolute favorite photographers since college her work is raw and debatable, but that is what makes her good.

A man feeding a tiger from his own bowl

“ Monk and Tiger sharing their Meal ” Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. A Monk and Tiger sharing their food. Camera- Canon EOS Lens- Canon IS USM L II, Focal Length- Shutter Speed- sec, Aperture- ISO/Film- Photograph by Wojtek Kalka

11 years old girl with her own child

The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience Carlo Meoni

Cute couple

Made me smile too - I love the sense of humor. Pinner says - This made me smile. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to making silly faces when we are older. Life is so beautiful.

Hardworking miner

A miner takes a short break inside an unregulated coal mine in Sabinas, Mexico. Everyday, thousands of miners go to work in the unregulated coals mines of northern Mexico knowing they may not return


"'A child of the Erbore tribe, Ethiopia.' The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience (Distractify)"

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