Noir et blanc# Chanel

coco chanel is my hero. she teachers women that no matter how much you start of with you can always make it and she should be an insperation to all woman young and old.

Changes / Garance Doré

Change it Up

Garance Dore // I love the dynmaic and loose line work, gives it a sense of movement and an organic feeling. I also like the way she weighted the lines to provide depth

Wood cutlery might not be dishwasher safe but the warmth and refined aesthetic are worth the hand wash! Read more at Yanko Design

Yanko Design: A beautiful set. I love the warmth of the wood, and the soft angles.

Vanessa Paradis par Jean Paul Goude pour "Coco" l'esprit de Chanel en 1991.

Goudemalion, plus qu'une semaine pour découvrir l'exposition aux Arts Déco !


Spring Breakdown

i love the idea of contrasting a modern/scandinavian font with a handwritten, unkempt style like this one for the tagline