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What sort of SU fan would I be if I didn’t fuse my gemsona’s? Here is Chalcanthite, a fusion of Phantom Quartz and Fluorite. They create nightmarish illusions to cripple their foes with their own.

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After hearing Bismuth talk about her other gem friends I had to draw one of them. Snowflake Obsidian was the one I chose so here! Have a Crystal Gem!

Water guardián

“Dendri by numplanet Gender: non-binary Pronouns: he/him/his Height: Weapon: Claymore, about as big as he is Gem Type: Dendritic Moss Agate Likes: play fighting, video games,learning new fighting.

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Gemsona - Rhodonite by Looji on DeviantArt

I never made a gemsona before , and since i was in the steven universe mood i decided to do so why rhodonite ? because pinkness and an axe because hell .