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an abstract drawing with black dots in the shape of squares and rectangles on a white background
楽譜の風景 〜 ピアノ演奏の科学的アプローチ&面白楽譜達
Tom Johnson "Imaginary Music", No. 65. "Syncopated Texture"
a black and white photo of a wave in the air with small dots on it
2020 #5 Topic introduction: Mark Making
PaperArtsy: 2020 #5 Topic introduction: Mark Making
an abstract black and white photo with ink sprinkles in the shape of a circle
Archillect on X
an orange and yellow flower on a blue background with white lines in the bottom half
Muriel Kerba / Artiste
© Muriel Kerba - sérigraphie (50 x 70 cm) #screenprinting #unique #faitmain #graphic #serigraphie #art #french #silkscreen #seeds #biology
an image of a circle with waves in the middle and red, blue, and pink colors
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2015.4.21_13.49.21_frame_0002 Made with code / Processing
a blue and white wallpaper with wavy lines in the center, on top of it
le 116 >> catalogue d'exposition - Le PasQueBeau
an image of oranges and lemons with the word ten & tee on them
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an image of many fish swimming in the ocean together with red and blue lines coming out of them
Rugs pattern by Pixtil
oh wow. Rugs pattern "Fish#03" by Pixtil - Pattern Design, Print Design, Textile Design.
a yellow and white napkin with an image of mountains
Sérigraphie / Textile. OKO Le petit atelier.
an abstract painting with blue, red and white colors in the shape of a circle
LES CERCLES - Victoria Roussel
an image of mountains with different colors on them
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Jamie Milk